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Be Your Own Boss Lunch

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Hello. I am Gail Doe and I am inviting you to our Body Wrap Party & Business Opportunity Lunch at:

The Body Wrap Center

3459 Wrightsboro Road

Suite C2

Augusta, GA 30909

(Across from Augusta Mall)

We have Events every Saturday from 11am-3pm. We will have Food, Fun, and a free Raffle. We have a Body Wrap Raffle every month. We also have Sponsors giving away lots of prizes. That's right, we have a raffle every month, so you have plenty of opportunity to Enter & WIN. No purchase necessary. Sorry, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in this Raffle and to attend this Business Opportunity Lunch / Body Wrap Party. Please join us and bring a friend. Dress in White, Black, Lime Green and wear some Bling and I'll give you a special Raffle Ticket for a free Body Wrap. Yes, it's all about having fun.

Let me show you how easy it is to "Wrap The Body You Have Into The Body You Want" and love it. I tried it myself and got thinner in minutes. And, of course, that was with NO Diet, NO Starving, NO Exercise, NO Sweating, NO Surgery, NO Pain, and NO Down-time. This is for Men & Women of all shapes & sizes.

Also, lean how to Work From Home Or Phone and Be Your Own Boss. We have lots of training and teach you everything you need to succeed. And we give you plenty of support to help you succeed. Learn how to Shape-Up and Cash-Up at the same time.

Hope to see you Saturday or at one of our weekly, Saturday events. Trust me, this will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

And, don't forget, don't throw away your Raffle Ticket. It can be used to enter into any future Raffle. Whenever you decide to drop it into our drawing box or enter online, you will be entered into our very next drawing.

Good Luck!!!

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 Another part of our business is partying. No, not clubbing. Body Wrap Parties. This is one of the most fun and easiest ways to grow your business. 

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